Importance of sex education among teenagers

Importance of sex education among teenagers

“SEX”, a word that probably freaks everyone out. Most of the parents find it very difficult to make a conversation on this topic with their teens. Ignorance of this can lead to perilous repercussions. We all know the disasters misconception on sex can cause. So, as adults, it is our responsibility to spread the enlightenment on this topic among our teens. This will protect them from any mishap they might fall into. Thus, sex education becomes mandatory.


The first objective of sex education is to make the children aware of their body. It becomes very important to be aware of one’s body parts and be comfortable with it. Children must also develop a sense of respect towards the other gender and acknowledge the differences.
Children must be aware of the role and the responsibility they hold towards themselves. From keeping themselves disease-free to taking care of their personal hygiene.
To develop an individual’s interpersonal skills, and to raise the bars of self-acceptance. It is very important to accept the way they are as well as the way others are. This ensures future harmony and prosperity.


We live in an era where information about everything is easily available. So, this makes it very important to provide children with accurate information before they are misled by these contents. The earlier sex education starts, the better it is. However, the quantity and quality of information on the age of children.


Most of the people find it embarrassing to talk to their children about this sensitive topic. There is a list of things that we as adults can do to get ourselves prepared.

  1. First of all, it is very important to understand the parameters of sex education. Having knowledge about something makes it easier.
  2. Build a healthy relationship with your child. Understand the need for being your children’s friend before being their parent. It will be easier to talk about things when you share a friendly relation. Also, make your children comfortable so that they can share their thoughts, opinions and queries on the topic.
  3. Do your researches properly. Before you start talking about it you must be quiet open and frank about the topic yourself.
  4. To make teens aware of the actual process of birth. Birth in the fundamental brick of life. There is nothing to be embarrassed about it. This makes it very important for the children to know about it.


  1. It makes a child aware of their sexuality. A teen becomes aware of several sexual facts. This minimizes the chances of any possible mistake.
  2. Many people believe that sex education increases the rate of sexual activity among teens. However, it has been proven wrong in several types of research. Indeed sex education plays no role in altering the rate of sexual activity among teens in either. Though, it reduces the chances of unprotected sex.
  3. It makes children aware of several sexually transmitted diseases. Negligence is the key to destruction. To solve a problem we need to face it. Teenagers can only protect themselves from these diseases when they are aware of them.
  4. It makes teenagers aware of different sources of having protected sex. Many people believe that having information about it will instigate them to try it. However, this has been proved wrong. Teenagers who want to get involved in sexual activities will get involved in any way. Only the information about things like condoms will protect them from getting into different types of problems.
  5. Sex education makes a teen aware of the other sex as well. It inculcates the sense of respect in the teens towards the other gender.
  6. Sex education is the only way to prevent underage pregnancy and STD’s. Teens should be aware of things like pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. Only their awareness can avoid such things. Teens should be aware of all the preventive measures as well as the consequences of their ignorance.


Running away from truth paves way for an abysmal pit. So, sex education should not only be taken care at home, but it should also be added as a subject in schools. At an age where teens develop several misconceptions, they become more vulnerable to problems. It becomes our prime responsibility to pull them out of this dungeon. Thus, let’s pledge to educate the most vulnerable group in every means including their sexuality.

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