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Have you always been called names or got bullied because of your height? Do you want to make a career in modelling or army? Are you tired of being the kid of the group? Appropriate exercises have come to your rescue.

Put all your worries and tensions in an abysmal pit. Here we are with the answers to all your questions. Though physical appearance can never be the identity of an individual, it can definitely add an exquisite jewel to it. Always being surrounded by chaos, increasing height is not as a big deal as it has been illustrated. Several factors such as environment, nutrition, hormones, and genes affect the height of a person. Generally, it is a result of decompressed vertebrae owing to bad posture and gravity. However, this makes height increment at this age difficult but not impossible. Proper exercise paired up with nutritious food has an enchanting effect on height acceleration process. Here we are with 10 different exercises that will work on different parts of your body, stretching and strengthening them.


Every day we all spend hours sitting, unaware of the fact that it affects our height by altering the spine’s shape and muscle balance. Pelvic shift eliminates these negative results by enhancing the spine’s and upper back’s curvature. For doing a pelvic shift, lie on the mat with hands by your side. Lift your pelvic by arching the back and bring your feet close to the buttock with your knees bend. Hold this posture for 30 seconds and then repeat this exercise.


Side stretch is great for increasing height as it elongates, strengthen, and strengthen the muscles. To be sure that you are doing this exercise correctly, try to feel a pull from your lower back to your muscles. To perform this exercise, stand straight with your feet together and hands above your head. Now, bend your body towards right. Hold this hold 20 seconds and then repeat.


Skipping or jumping help in making your legs longer. The number of times you do it the more positively it will impact your height. if you opt for jumping, them make sure that your feet leave and fall at the ground at the same time.


This exercise is great for stretching your muscles. For this, hang on to a bar or any rod that can take your body weight. You can even try one or two pull up’s for better result.


This exercise consists of 12 different yoga poses. Each of these poses is equally responsible for stretching our back, legs and shoulders.


Legs up exercise extend our entire body, stretching them. For performing these, lie down on the ground facing it. Keep your hands at the side of your chest and lift both your legs as high as possible. Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat this exercise 10 times.


This exercise helps in stretching and strengthening our abs. For this, lie down of the floor facing it with your hand’s shoulders apart. Now, pushing the floor with your hands lift your head up and arch your back. Hold this for 30 seconds.


This exercise resembling an inverted V helps in strengthening and stretching the back muscles. Bend down with your hand shoulder’s apart and your feet hips apart. Push the floor with your hand and your tailbones toward the ceiling. Hold this position for 20 seconds and feel a slight stretch through your body.


Teenage for sure is the age of crucial height increment. So if you are in your teenage pick up your bike and go cycling. Cycling works on our legs, stretching them.


Jumping squats strengthen and the muscles of our lower body. Stand straight with your feet shoulder apart. Lower your upper body into a squat and while coming up initiate a jump. Repeat this exercise 20 times.



Exercise helps in increasing height by enhancing the flexibility of our spine, strengthening our muscles and stretching the muscle of our legs. All these do wonders to our body when grouped together. They not only improve our posture but also increase our height. However, I request you to be a little patient with these, as overnight expectations will be very hurtful. Continue these exercises for at least one month regularly. Also, couple it up with a nutritious diet for optimum results. All the best! Stay healthy, stay fit!

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