Do all your attempts to lose weight go in vain? Avoid these 5-morning habits to halt weight gain

Do all your attempts to lose weight go in vain? Avoid these 5-morning habits to halt weight gain

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Losing weight not only helps us to live a healthier life but it also enhances our personality. This has made losing weight tips one of the most surfed topics on google. As this modern lifestyle lacks physical activity, the risk of obesity has increased. Many people are already dealing with weight problems. In this extra fast world where everyone is busy pulling their own weights, it is very important to stay healthy. Being obese not only deteriorated our personality physically but it also brings home several diseases. Stroke, diabetes, heart issues, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure and certain types of cancer are some of the diseases related to obesity. Morning habits play a major role in weight gain or loss.

What are these 5-morning habits?

A proper diet and regular exercise are the two main natural keys to this problem. A regular exercise and a balanced diet not only enhance the functioning of our body but it also helps in losing weight. Though, there are certain factors that might promote weight gain instead of loss or weight loss plateau. Are you one of those whose prime issue is losing weight? Are you tired of trying different tactics to remove those extra fats from your body? Well, if these issues bother you, then you have come to the right place. There are several small factors that might promote weight loss or gain. With this little difference in our effort, we can achieve exquisite goals. We are here with some morning habits by avoiding which we can halt the process of weight gain and fat accumulation.

Don’t oversleep or wake up too late

Is oversleeping one of your habits? Do you sleep for more than 9 hours? Well if your answer is yes then, you are at risk of gaining weight. Oversleeping has been reportedly contributed to weight gain and fat accumulation by adversely affecting weight loss plans. Sleeping more than nine hours is called oversleeping while sleeping less than seven hours is called undersleeping. Both of these are harmful to your body and have a hand in the weight gain process.

Absence of meditation

How many of you ever considered meditation as a healthy morning habit? I am sure very few people could make it to this category. However, reports show that early meditation initiates weight loss processes. Meditation plays a major role in reducing the stress hormone. This stress hormone is referred to as cortisol. The imbalance of the cortisol hormone leads to an increased appetite. An increased appetite automatically promotes weight gain. Thus, it is very important to keep this hormone in balance.

Absence of stretching exercises

These consist of the easiest exercises that all of us have heard of but how many of us care to perform these? I am sure the answer is very few. However, these exercises performed during warm-up and cool-down sessions have a magical effect on weight loss. They increase our metabolism, muscle building and blood pressure. If performed on a regular basis they are very helpful in burning fats. Seated twist, side bends, the cobra stretch, the bridge, tricep stretch, side lunge and thigh stretch are some of the stretching exercises.

Skipping breakfast

Are you one of those who believe that skipping breakfast will help you lose weight as it helps you cut down a source of food? Well, the danger is calling your name, if you stand by this theory. Skipping breakfast alters your metabolism paving path for weight gain. It has also been observed that skipping breakfast generally causes craving for junk in the later times of a day. 9:30 has been considered as the most ideal time for breakfast. 

Not drinking sufficient water

So what’s your morning drink? I am sure most of the answers will revolve around tea and coffee. This raises another question. What should be an ideal morning drink? A glass of water at room temperature is an ideal drink to start your day with. These acts as an appetite suppressant keeping in check our entire day’s appetite. It also helps in keeping our body hydrated. Hydration not only initiates weight loss but it also facilitates removal of the toxin from our body.

Bottom line

We all wish to live a healthy life and fit life. Many of us work very hard for it but our results still remain minimal. Many of us don’t have adequate time for extra efforts. By adopting these simple morning habits you will achieve what you desire for. These healthy habits will surely help you lose some extra pounds.

Stay healthy, stay fit!

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