7 Beauty tips of BTS: Skincare tips of K-POP Band BTS

7 Beauty tips of BTS: Skincare tips of K-POP Band BTS

Seven Members of K-POP Band BTS

BTS or bangtan sonyeondan (bulletproof boy scouts in English) are no doubt number one boy band of k-pop and have topped the charts many times with their hits such as DNA, Boy with luv, ON, Mic drop or black swan. These seven guys groups performances are complete with flawless choreography, expert rapping(RM) , high fashion looks, and insanely Catchy vocals and definitely they look damn good while doing so (and ofcourse today we are going to tell you those 7 beauty tips of them)

Today we have tried to find the best (or secret) beauty tips of bangtan boys and believe it or not if you apply and involve these care tips in your routine you are never going to have any problems with your skin and also adding brownie point you may end up getting glass like clear and smooth skin just like your bias. So are you ready for 7 beauty tips of BTS

J-hope: Toner and moisturizing cream

J-hope uses variety of products for keeping up and maintaining his smooth, hydrated skin, which includes toners, lotions, as well as moisturizing creams.  He also starts using product for preventing acne from popping up. Especially, at the time when he is stressed out. He also recommends applying cream in the morning when you wake up and using moisturizing masks daily to keep flawless skin.

I must also say that his ever positive personality is also the true secret behind his glowing skin. Now you know the secret of your idol skin.

Jimin: hydration

Second tip from “7 beauty tips of BTS” is from Jomin, Jimin secret skincare care tip is bit different than usual tips, which is hydration. He always says to focus more on hydration of skin in spite of just following any routine. He also gives an advice to never sleep with your makeup on, no matter how tired you are or you want it or not, you must remove your makeup and cleanse your face.

Now you know how jimin keep his face handsome without filter (you know). Also he is the king of selfies so its quite understandable that his most adorable baby face is a blessing of hydration.

 Suga: moisturizing and hydration

Hydration is one thing that most of members of BTS swear by for skincare. Suga also advises to use hydrating masks as they are simple as well as easy to use. He also is aware of how important it is to use highly moisturizing and revitalizing product after heavy makeup and sweat on tours or concerts.

V: cotton pads

For flawless skin like V the most important thing is ‘cotton pads’ yeah its right, cotton pads. During travel he usually carries them for moisturizing his face with toner. A dermatologist told him to use cotton pads to apply lotion to his skin instead of using his hands.

In an interview with allure V also showed his concern towards his skin saying “I’m worried about my skin having lack of elasticity. How can I prevent this?”

Jin: sheet masks

Like jimin and suga, jin piece of advice is also using masks to rejuvenate your skin. He also supports suga saying ‘they’re especially critical after a day of heavy makeup promotions, if you were exposed to the sun for a while, or if you simply feel like your skin could use the boost’

One more tip that he had given in one of his video is “I have a motto of my life, ’if you behave young, your face becomes young, too’” and after that #Army must know his famous tag of “worldwide handsome”, right?

Junkook: cleansing and moisturizing

Junkook is known to have the best skin in BTS (now please don’t say its just because he is youngest) and the credits goes to involving moisturizing cream and toner in his routine. He also claims that he takes cleaning foam with him everywhere just to double ensure to cleanse his face. According to him the most important parts of the face to be careful around our nose and eyebrows. He also have said that “I get pimples sometimes and it’s very stressful” in one of his interview with allure.

So now you know what to involve in your routine for getting such a clear skin like jungkook.

Rm: hydration

And now its time for tip from leader of our favorite boy band BTS i.e. Kim Namjoon or RM(rap monster) who also has given the advice of staying hydrated as key of healthy skincare but his advice is a bit different, he recommends to first figuring out your skin type so you can specialize your routine as well.

Now you know why he is leader.


As a conclusion point you should more focus on your skin hydration than just following a tough skincare routine as this not only help in hydrating your face but also improves health. Other important tips are from jungkook, jhope and v, that is you must cleanse your face properly after applying makeup and before going to bed and also staying diligent with toner, using it day and night and also don’t forget to moisturize your skin daily. So now i think army should change their tips from these 7 beauty tips of BTS



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