Recovery after going through a C-section.

Recovery after going through a C-section.

Many women undergo a C-section surgery for delivery. But most of them don’t have any knowledge of after results. Many surveys prove that recovery from a C-section can take more than 4 weeks.

mother deliverd through c-section
A mother delivering baby through c-section surgery

Proper knowledge about the recovery from the surgery is very important. If the family and the mother is unaware of the consequences of after surgery then it can lead to very serious health disorders.

If you are someone who is going for a C-section for your first baby, then it becomes very necessary to know about every detail about its after results as it is going to affect your further pregnancy life.

You will have to focus on caring for yourself along with your newborn. Keeping your incision clean and following your doctor’s instructions is the key.

Points to focus on after having a C-section for better recovery.

1. Stretch Marks:

It is a hard truth to accept that stitches left their marks after the surgery. Stitches are indeed very painful and it’s hard to recover from them fast. It takes a notable time to recover from them. And it takes a lot of patience to hold the hope for fast recovery. But the good thing is that you can get rid of these stretch marks by following some remedies. There are several traditional remedies and tricks which proved to very effective. Stretch brings stress and anxiety. But no doubt that these marks are a sign of your bravery and these shows how strong you are. However, there will always be some memories attached to them so there is nothing to get depressed about it. Time is the healer and by the time everything starts getting into place.

pegnancy stretch marks
After pregnancy stretch marks

2. Back issues due to C-section:

After delivery, you’ll be back to your weight. And this phase is really difficult to manage. As you adapt habits according to the pregnancy phase. Being back on your weight with c-section surgery is going to affect your back and shoulder. But being strong and caring towards your posture is the key. Yoga and stretching can help you restore your posture. Walking, sleeping, sitting in the right position is going to help you fight your back issues.

3. Blood circulations:

After c-section, there are sensations in your body caused by blood circulations. There will be moments when your body parts will feel like you can’t move them for several minutes but after several minutes it can come to normal again. This is a part of post-c-section surgery. Blood circulation is very necessary to maintain. You can opt for regular walking, stretching, and some muscle movements. This is going to help to boost your blood circulation.

4. Antibiotics or pain relief meds:

Surgery is a very painful method of delivery. Pain does not end with the surgery, rather it continues for months. Mothers are the strongest and most beautiful creature made by god. Doctors prescribe pain relief medicines. These pain relief medicines are for short term relief. And this is also advised to not rely on meds much. 

5. Lifting weight after C-section and it’s effects on recovery:

It is advised by doctors and by many health organizations to not lift heavy weights after a c-section. Lifting heavy weights can cause serious injury to your back. Lifting weight can also affect your stitches. There can be a severe medical issue and it might affect your future pregnancy plans. Refer to the weight chart issued by national health departments, health organizations, and ask your doctor about your heavy works. Lifting heavy things can change many biological statuses in your body, and doing lifting too soon may cause increased pain and damage to surgical incisions or abdominal muscles.

6. Sleeping Techniques:

Parenting is no doubt a wonderful experience but starting a few weeks after childbirth can be tough. The recovery after a C-Section delivery will be painful challenging. It requires patience and courage. But the best part of this is that this small and challenging period is temporary and you are going to get through this eventually with time. After delivery woman’s airway generally doesn’t function in the same way as before. This is due to increased hormone levels and increased abdominal volume. This condition is known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). And this situation is observed in a lot of women. A Significant reason for fatigue and insomnia after C-section is the pain of after surgery.

Pain meds always help you fall asleep after C-section. But an appropriate sleeping position will be going to help in better breathing and having an undisturbed nap. A comfortable sleeping position will eventually reduce the pressure on your incision. It also reduces the stress in your abdomen.

mother and child sleep[ing peacefuly
Mother sleeping in perfect position after c-section for better recovery

There is no universal sleeping position that is going to help you have a stress free sleep. there are various methods to opt for a peaceful sleep after C-section. But it’s not important to work for every woman, the one which works for you might not work for someone other.

7. Cloths and comfort helps in c-section recovery:

After C-section and going through a lot of new schedules, you can get exhausted. You are focused on caring for your precious baby. You are doing your best to de-tangle all the situations. But it’s important not to neglect yourself. Don’t forget to pamper yourself with your favorite food, a cozy blanket, and comfortable clothes. They help to feel you better.

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