Brain fitness: 10 Easy and efficient ways to keep it fit

Brain fitness: 10 Easy and efficient ways to keep it fit

The brain is like any other body organ and muscle. If we don’t give it a proper workout, it will become rusty and lose its tone.

Following some healthy habits keep our brain in good condition

  1. Daily exercises:

An exercise routine is essential to keep it healthy and fit. Reports say, exercising for  30 minutes a day can improve memory, reasoning abilities and our reflex.

  • Reading:

                  Reading often and analyzing a wide variety of subjects help improve the capacity of the grey matter. Active interest in the surroundings of an individual helps him exercise his grey matter and enhance his mental fitness.

Wholegrain cereals, leafy green vegetables and milk products are a rich source of vitamin B. Improving the levels of Vitamin B, improves the agility of the mind.

Increase your intellect and memory

Our memory expands by learning new things. Stretching ourselves mentally by learning new algorithms, languages, playing games like chess are good for our social life and brain.

  • Relax:

Cortisol hormone releases when an individual is in stress, higher levels of cortisol can be harmful for an individual. But one should ensure relaxation as a part of their daily mundane to keep their brain calm and fit.

  • Hobbies:

Opting for new hobbies can be beneficial for providing our grey matter a workout. That is, a time for the neural pathways in the brain to build.

  • Health management:

Regular physical exercise is good for our health. Also ignorance of ones own health can result in serious health conditions like diabetes and other heart diseases, decreasing our mental performance.

  • Conversations

Socializing with friends and family about a wide range of topics always give our brain the chance to the 3 E’s that is explore, examine, enquire.

  • Manual activities

Most of the time manual activities are those including movement of both sides of our body.  Coordination between the movement of both sides improve the spatial awareness and  response time of our brain.

  1. Questions:

Questioning and answer one own self helps us enjoy the competitive spirit. Involvement of family in such games can develop the condition of our mind.

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