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Tired of being told to eat less for losing belly fat? Well Most of us fail to achieve the goal of losing belly fat because of this strenuous sacrifice that it demands. Your days of being famished have ended. Here we are telling you to do the opposite. Starving yourself or not consuming a balanced diet can be very dangerous for our body. This not only can make us weak but also bring home several diseases. Thus, it is very important to cut down the sources of food promoting weight gain and replace them by their healthier substitutes. 

Our eating habits directly affect the fat our belly accumulates. Many a time our diet is packed up with high-calorie food or food that causes water retention. These often lead to accumulation of fat. We must ignore highly processed food and food containing high sugar content. Include these 25 edibles in your diet and slim down your belly.


They contain fibre and potassium. They can be served as a meal and snack both, minimizing the calorie intake and maximizing the nutrient consumption.

Peanut butter

Peanut eliminates fluid from our body avoiding fluid retention as it contains amino acid and L-arginine. These also enhance the flow of blood throughout the body.


These contain the bloat-reducing nutrient, vitamin C, protein, iron, magnesium and potassium. These balance sodium and enrich blood cells with oxygen.


Yes, you heard me right. You can lose belly fat by eating a potato. These contain potassium, filling fibre and spuds. They help us stay fuller for a longer duration.


Chickpeas being rich in plant-based protein, antioxidants, fibre and minerals are an ideal alternative to several processed and high-calorie snack.

Fermented food

Several healthy bacteria are present in fermented food. These bacteria not only abandon bloat but also regulate immunity and function of the gut.


Seeds prove to be a great source of minerals such as zinc. They not only boost our immunity but also help in keeping us full.


These contain monounsaturated fats. They serve to be the best alternative to carb-based snack.


Salmon contains vitamin D, minerals, vitamin B6 and fatty acids. This for sure is an ideal choice if you wish to lose belly fat.

Olive oil

These are plant-based oil. They help us slim down overall. However, a deep-fried snack should be avoided as they initiate fat accumulation.


Oats contain prebiotics. These help in the proliferation of the good bacteria present in our body. These bacteria play a major role in weight loss. 


High-protein food has said to do wonders in the process of weight loss. Eggs contain protein and thus, serve as an ideal choice for breakfast, salad and meals.


These come with antioxidants and fibres. They have less sugar than other fruits proving to be an ideal choice.


To achieve the goal of getting a flat belly, add low-fat milk to your breakfast. According to several observations, Calcium has magical effects on lowering weight.


Beans help in reducing bloat. They also come with several nutrients such as B-vitamin, plant-based protein, and fibre.

  Green leaves

They come with several minerals and plant-based omega-3s. Both these do wonders in weight loss by reducing bloating.

Citrus fruit

Citrus fruits not only keep our body hydrated but also several antioxidants and potassium. These help in fighting inflammation and reduce the waist size by providing hydration.


Onion provides an adequate amount of prebiotic to our body. These help in feeding the good bacteria present in our body so that they can proliferate. The best thing about onions is its ease of use. From omelettes to salads, onion is something that can be added to almost every dish.


Avocado is a fruit popular for its taste. According to reports, it shows great effect in slimming down waist and lowering the BMI. 

Whole grains

While choosing grains prime care should be given to processed grains. The processed grain is refined thus, they should be avoided. Whole grains contain bloat-busting elements as well as several other minerals.



Let’s break the myth that only starving ourselves can lead to a perfect figure. While extensively following a diet people often forget to keep up to the balanced diet scheme. This exaggerates their problems by bringing home several diseases. It’s high time that we move to a healthier method of slimming down our belly. Pick these healthy snacks and meals instead of the one’s containing high calories. Add 4-5 L of water and 20 minutes of exercise for an even better result. 
Be healthy, live healthy!

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