Dashamoola powder: Definition, Benefits, and ways to use

Dashamoola powder: Definition, Benefits, and ways to use

Dashamoola is an ayurveda prepared by the combination of ten roots. Hence, Dashamoola is a good medicine for the treatment of nerves, muscles, and bones. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties as well. Moreover, Dashamoola can be used to treat long term problems of musculoskeletal system like osteoarthritis, gouty arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.


Dashamoola, as the name suggests is made up of 10 roots of different plants in equal ratios. As a matter of fact ,Brihat and Laghu Panchmoola are the two main ingredient of this powder.

  1. Brihat Panchmoola
  2. Indian Bael – 10%
  3. Arani- 10%
  4. Shyonaka- 10%
  5. Patala -10%
  6. Beech Wood- 10%
  7. Laghu Panchmoola
  8. Indian Nightshade- 10%
  9. Kantakari- 10%
  10. Shalaparni- 10%
  11. Prishnaparni- 10%
  12. Gokshura-10%

These ingredients act as analgesics and anti-rheumatic agents. Moreover, they provide strength to our body and improve organ functioning. It is useful for muscle toning and calmness of nerves.

Dashamoola Health benefits:

Dashamoola has anti-inflammatory properties. Hence Dashamoola powder is prescribed by doctors for the treatment of inflammation. These ingredients enhance our immunity and provide strength to our musculoskeletal system. Thus, they have high anti-rheumatic properties. Consumption of Dashamoola can differ, however consuming it can result in stationary relief from pain. Thus, it is also inferred that they act as analgesics. Some of the medicinal traits that differentiate this powder from others are its antioxidant property, adaptogentic response, neuroprotective nature, and its ability as a good uterine detoxifier.

Some of the Ayurvedic properties that it has, makes it unique. Moreover, DOSHA KARMA- its ability to pacify VATA DOSHA and normalizing KAPHA DOSHA functions makes it special

Dashamoola Precautions:

People with good Vata dominance can easily use this powder. They are generally safe, till we consume it in recommended dosage under supervision of a physician. Moreover, there is no effect of this powder on pregnant and lactating mothers. As a matter of fact the contraindications and precautions of this herb are almost nil.

Ways to consume :

  1. Add hot water to it.
  2. 15 – 30 ml for children
  3. 30 – 60 ml for adults
  4. Maximum dosage of 120 ml a day
  5. Consume it two times, 30 minutes before breakfast, and 30 minutes after dinner.

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