Oils: Introduction, benefits, side effects and precautions

Oils: Introduction, benefits, side effects and precautions

Oils are the substances which are non polar in nature. They appear to be viscous at normal temperature. Moreover they are generally hydrophobic, they don’t mix with water. However, they are lipophilic, attracted towards fat at any temperature. They have high content of carbon and hydrogen and are flammabale. They have active surfaces being unsaturated lipids, at room temperature.

Oils Health benefit:

They are of utmost importance in this trending world. They have a wide variety of benefits. As a matter of fact it can elevate mood, lower anxiety, ease heatburn. They might also benefit our body and mind when used over a longer duration.

  1. Relieves stress

When the essential they are inhaled, the brain gives a signal to an individual to be optimistic and positive in thought. Body massage with essential oils can easily relieve our body from stress and anxiety.

  • Good sleep

Frequent problems of sleep occur in individuals after childbirth. Smell and fragnance of few might be beneficial for our nerves. Therefore, oils like the lavender can improve the quality of sleep.

  • Cures headache

Some specific types have shown the traits of reducing headache and stress. Moreover, reports say peppermint oil with lavender oil can reduce headache within thirty minutes of application.

  • Hair health

Both greasy and dry hair can be treated well with essential oils. As a matter of fact, peppermint  oil helps in the improvement of blood flow to critical areas of the scalp. In addition, Lavender oil provides deep conditioning of our hair, making it shiny and dandruff free.

  • Nourishes skin

Essential oils can treat damaged skin and provide deep nourishment. Moreover, it has been seen that acne, eczema, burns, and insect bite may give rise to skin irritation and inflammation. Thus, oils from lavender and tea tree are the best to treat inflammation and irritation. It removes wrinkles and blemishes to improve skin appearance.

  • Anti-inflammatory

Oils having anti-inflammatory properties can be diluted and best applied to affected area.  Hence they are a reliable source of treatment for swelling and pain.

Side effects:

Though oils are of great benefit to our body, not all oils suit an individual. Some individuals might experience allergic reactions, which may cause some side effects

Some of the common side effects are :

  1. Rashes
  2. Headache
  3. Asthma attack

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