Nutients, A shield to Corona virus

Nutients, A shield to Corona virus

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The novel corona virus has painted the canvas of life with deadly red; turning lively bodies to cadaver. Pandemic has been announced globally. So, everyone is being instructed to enshrine themselves in every possible way. The novel corona virus is a new virus that has been rumoured to have originated from the city of China, while COVID-19 is the name of the disease caused by this virus . Danger lies in the way this virus replicated itself, and spreads from one person to another. It can get transmitted from one body to another by touch of an infected person. when the salivary droplets containing the virus comes in contact with the face, nose, eyes, or ears of a person.

Due to its fluency in spreading and finding a new host, it becomes very important to protect ourselves from COVID-19. The effect of corona virus on most of the people resembles that of common cold. But, or some people it can be severe and can even lead to lethal consequences. It generally exhibits fatal effects on people aged above 65, children till the age of 10 and diseased people. People suffering from diabetes, respiratory, and cardiovascular disease are at higher risk. However, even people exhibiting mild symptoms are capable of transmitting this virus to people with weak immunity system. Thus, it is very important for everyone to safeguard themselves from this disease.


Immunity system plays an important role in protection from this fatal disease. Corona virus once finds a host persists there for 14-22 days. Within this time interval either the virus ends the life of its bearer or the host’s immunity system destroys the virus. The symptoms of the stages of his disease is categorized into four, that varies from showing no effect to imitating the condition of pneumonia. Thus, sometimes even lead to the death of the person. However, second and third stages feature mild to harsh cough, headache, tiredness, fever. Sometimes they also suffer from difficulty in breathing which might keep a person from work.

This severity in the variance of symptoms depends implicitly on the strength of an individual’s immunity system. People with strong immune system remain uninfected. Due, to its fluency in spreading and finding a new host, it becomes very important to protect ourselves from COVID-19 because heir body develops antibodies against it, resulting in its destruction. However, people possessing weak immune system are not able to take severe actions. This leads to their death. Hence, it is important for everyone to work on their immune system. Thus, making it strong enough to fight the virus. The only way to boost a person’s immune system is through nutrients. So, let’s discuss the nutrients that make our body fit enough to fight corona virus.


Nutrients boost the immunity of a person that in turn might help in defeating the deadly virus. So, the nutrients that help in enhancing the strength of our immunity system are:

Vitamin D accelerates the capacity of our immune system to fight pathogens. They enhance the effects of white blood cells (monocytes and macrophages), by reducing the inflammation caused by them. They also increase the immune response.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which promotes and instigates the production of white blood cells. This in return defend us from viruses. It also helps in the absorption of certain nutrients such as zinc and chlorine.To

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Garlic enhances the initiation process of white blood cell production. Owing to its strong anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

Selenium is a mineral that help in building the defence mechanism against influenza strains.

Zinc is an important mineral which helps in the development, and communication of the immune cells. It also, has a part in inflammatory response.

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The B complex vitamin consists of B12 and B6. These vitamins enhances the immune response.


Mushrooms provide several positive effects to our body. One of which include reducing the effects of lung infection and asthma.

Propolis has several immune enhancing properties paired up with antiviral properties. These produced by honeybees, and are resin based material.

Elderberry develops antibacterial, and anti viral against the viruses infecting the respiratory tract. They even shorten the duration and severity of cold and viral infections.

Cur cumin has several anti- inflammatory properties. These are highly required by the immune system for their healthy functioning. These are present in turmeric.


Consume the nutrients, keeping in mind the ideal balance diet. As, neither the deficiency not excess of anything is productive. In these times of panic we must take steps with care and hope. Thus, taking all the precautions paired up with these nutrients in a balanced might be the only key to the locked door we are trapped in. we must keep calm and follow these few guidelines, and we’ll all be safe.


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