Multivitamins: Description, nutrients, and health benefits

Multivitamins: Description, nutrients, and health benefits

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Multivitamins are essential. Furthermore they perform many critical roles. They provide us energy to ensure functioning of our body. Moreover lack of vitamins and nutrients can even cause chronic diseases.

Men and women bodies both have different needs. In addition men require more nutrients. A daily use of multivitamins for men can reduce that gap.

Multivitamin capsules are good for all individuals. It contains an aggregate of all important nutrients.

Important Nutrients in multivitamins:

a. Vitamin A : It is essential for eyes, skin, and immune system.

b. Vitamin C: It enhances collagen production and capability of immune system.

c. Vitamin B: It is good for energy metabolism and production of red blood cells. Thus it is a good ingredient for improving digestion.

d. Calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D, vitamin k, and zinc: All these vitamins are useful for our bones. Hence their presence ensures a strong exoskeletal system. In addition it is also a good treatment for weak bones.

e. Vitamin E and selenium contents : These are good for our cells. Moreover they are good for tissue repair. Hence athletes post injury are prescribed these.

However the requirement of vitamins and minerals are immense. As a matter of fact many individuals don’t get the recommended amount through diet only. Hence the purpose of these capsules have increased worldwide.

Features of multivitamins:

  1. It contains many essential nutrients. It fills up the dietary gaps. Moreover it is a complete vegetarian product.
  2. A blend of these vitamins and minerals help to build stamina, energy, and immunity.
  3. As a matter of fact it has additional health benefits. It can improve vision and antioxidant capabilities. In addition it is good for male health as well.

Health benefits:

Metabolism: Vitamin B cause metabolism of fats. Thus one naturally loses muscle mass with age. As a matter of fact it slows down metabolism. In addition good metabolism burns fat cell.

Immunity: Vitamin C, E, and Zinc supports immune function. Furthermore good immunity result in less colds each day. In addition Copper, Selenium maintains the immunity.

Energy: Vitamin B and iron helps us support daily energy needs. Thus it is useful for accelerating energy levels. hence one loses unwanted weight.

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