Garcinia capsules: Uses, benefits, precautions, and dosing

Garcinia capsules: Uses, benefits, precautions, and dosing

Garcinia  is a tree that is native to India and south eastern parts of Asia. These seasonal plants bear fruit, called rind. They are a rich source of (HCA) and is used to make capsules. Thus, Garcinia camboga capsules can cure obesity, joint performance. Hence, presence of HCA in these plants secure low fat storage, good and healthy appetite,  endurance also increase with their consumption.

Garcinia Uses

  1. Physical fitness:

These capsules are a rich source of HCA. Usually, HCA in our body increase the duration of exercise by increasing our physical endurance. As a matter of fact these changes of endurance levels take place, specially in women. Benefits in men are not similar in the same way.

Reports don’t fully expose Garcinia’s capability of reducing obesity. However, in some cases it is effective towards checking obesity.

Schistosomiasis , a disease that parasitic worms induct in humans. Garcinia cures it fully by the nutrients they inherit.

  • Others:

These capsules are helpful against constipation, Diarrhea, joint pain, etc.

Garcinia Side effects:

  1. It is not always safe to consume garcinia by mouth. In addition, it can result in liver problems, nausea, and headache.
  2. Garcinia can disintegrate mania in bipolar disorders . It is not recommende to consume these capsules for bipolar disorder patients.


HCA , a nutrient available from these capsules might be harmful for pregnant and lactating mothers . It is safe to stay on the safer side by avoiding their usage during pregnancy.


  1. User’s health , age are to be taken into consideration before usage of these capsules and deciding the proper dosage.
  2. Being a natural product it is not always safe for consumption. Dosage routines are to be prescribed by doctors, pharmacists, and healthcare professionals before using.

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