Liver health: 10 easy ways to keep your liver healthy & young

Liver health: 10 easy ways to keep your liver healthy & young

Liver is one of the most important organ of our body. Hence, its welfare and health is our responsibility, we need to keep our body free of ailments arising from liver, to ensure good health.

Few habits to ensure good liver health:

  1. Oats:

Oats have a comparatively higher content of fibres than other meals. Moreover, Reports say that these fibres are extremely beneficial to shed belly fat and lose weight. Keeping oneself within healthy BMI assures good liver health .

Diet for good liver :

Fatty acids

Extra fat and meals consisting of a higher percentage of saturated fats might cause difficulty for our liver to perform its daily function. As a matter of fact satrurated fats cause inflammation, which in turn cause scarring of the liver called cirrhosis.

  • Broccoli

Vegetables like broccoli can keep the liver healthy. Moreover, studies suggest that consuming crunchy vegetables are good for countering nonalcoholic liver fat diseases. As, they develop antibodies ensuring liver fitness

  • Coffee

Consumption of coffee is actually beneficial for our liver, 2-3 cups of it a day ensures minimal liver damages that happens because of too much alcohol consumption. Coffee reduces the chance of liver cancer.

  • Sugar

Reducing the amount of sugar consumption is considered a good way of keeping our liver healthy. As a matter of fact its main function is to convert sugar into fat. If the sugar consumption is reduced in our body, automatically the fat reserves are lessened in amount.

  • Green tea

Liver cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer. Green tea is rich in catechins, an antioxidant which commonly fights liver cancer. Usually hot tea has more catechin concentration compared to iced tea and ready to drink teas.

  • Water

Replacing the urge of consumption of fizzy drinks, cold drinks, and sodas providing larger calories to our body with drinking water can ensure good health of our liver.

  • Nuts & almonds

Almost all nuts specially, almond is a very good source of vitamin E. Moreover, Vitamin E is an essential nutrient for fighting the problem of fatty liver.

  • Reducing iodized salt

Fibrosis, a disease that takes place due to consumption of sodium in excessive amount. Fibrosis leads to scarring of liver. Putting a check to iodized salt can be a precautionary step to avoid liver malfunction.

  1. Green leafy vegetables:
  2. Vegetables like spinach have a powerful antioxidant called glutathione. Thus, glutathione is essential for ensuring good liver health.

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