Caramel bread pudding

Caramel bread pudding

Step 1 : pudding preparation

Take A bowl .. And take 6 to8 bread slices.most likely 7breads. And cut sides of it.. Just crumbles bread with hand and put it to bowl.. Add 2 Or 3tsp of condensed milk to it. .And beat slowly. .then add about 2 eggs to it.  And add 3 Or 4cups of milk to it… Beat it nicely and make a fine paste. .add little sugar powder to it..beat again. .Add little salt which help to reduce too sweetness.

Step 2 : caramel preparation. 

Take A pan and,And pour 4to6 spoon of sugar on it when pan get heat.. And add water , which is half of sugar quantity

Step3: setting of pudding

Take a mould in which pudding need to settle..  Gresae it with small amount of oil.. And then pour caramel to it. .then slowly pour pudding paste above to the caramel. .

Then place the pudding to a steamer container and steam for 30 min.. After 30min you can eat it like this or keep it natural atmosphere before you eat

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