Chains to the soul, depression and anxiety

Chains to the soul, depression and anxiety

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With the increase in darkness in the world the light inside humans also started freckling. Increased competition, insatiable hopes and cruelty forced the invention of a mental state and gave despair and anxiety. Our body is the home to which our soul is an inhabitant. So, it is the inhabitants that determine the aura of the house. Similarly the state of our soul or say our mind determines the weather our life flourishes with ecstasy or wilts with melancholy. Depression is defined as the state of mind that takes a person to the cities of anadonia. person loses interest in life which fills a person with sadness and causes impairment in daily life. However, while anxiety is the intense feeling of fear and worry over a certain situation or condition.

Scientific name for depression is depressive syndrome or clinical depression. This is a very common disease worldwide and more than 10 million cases have been registered in India itself. Psychologist’s can medically treat it. It also requires a lab test. In most of the cases it gets cure in the time interval of 1-2 months. If left untreated or undiagnosed the aftermath can be very intimidating, and even fatal in some cases. Thus, the researches also suggest that they can play with the brain functioning, including alteration in neural circuits as well.


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Depression and anxiety not only reduces productivity but also destroys the mental, and physical health of a person. It makes the person mentally unfit and even hampers the person’s abilities to do a particular task. It is very important to treat depression and for effective treatment we must be aware of the cause. So, there are several factors that might cause depression.

a) Biological causes: genetics plays a major role in depression. It has been observed that people with parental history of depression and illness are more likely to catch it.

b) Psychological causes: psychological causes include situations that might have created some mental impact on a person. These situations might include sexual, emotional or physical abuse, conflict in family, death or loss, isolation or the arrival of an event can trigger the feeling of depression.

c) Social causes: Several causes such as, bullying can lead to depression or anxiety.

d) The use of certain medicines or drugs might also become a reason to instigate the feelings of depression or anxiety. These medicines include isotretinoin, antiviral drug and corticosteroids.

e) Substance abuse, and some serious illness can also cause depression and anxiety.


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Depression brings several changes in a person, and these changes can be used as a sign to identify this illness. It is very important to identify these symptoms as soon as possible as more delay in identification and treatment, the more intensified is its aftermath.
These signs are:

a) Shift of mood from positive aura to depressive one, such as anxiety, hopelessness, loneliness, worthlessness, guilt, anger, irritation, restlessness, aggressiveness, discontent, sadness, lack of interest in everyday activities, etc. Sometimes mood swings is also a symptom of depression.

b) The feeling of fatigue or tiredness on a regular basis.

c) Changes in sleep routine of a person. Depression can cause insomnia or excess sleep.

d) Pessimism is another symptom of depression and anxiety. A person seems to be surrounded by negativity in such mental condition.

e) Over eating or reduction in appetite is also a noticeable change.

f) The concentration of the person might reduce and the person might start, over thinking even about small things.

g) The person might start isolating themselves from everyone. Therefore, signs of social isolation must be observed carefully.


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a) Fall in self-esteem of a person. Depression and anxiety often leads to low esteem as a person develops negative thoughts about themselves.
b) The emotional stability of a person many a times gets hampered due to depression and anxiety. A person’s ability to feel things evenly gets annihilated.
c) Depression and anxiety reduces the productivity of a person in both professional and personal level.
d) Lost in interest and capacity during sex.
e) The last and the most dangerous is suicidal thoughts or attempting suicide. Ending one’s own life is the most feared repercussion of depression and anxiety and thus, step must be taken to cure this disease before it becomes fatal. One, out of every 10 person undergoing depression commits suicide and this count is increasing with time.


It is very important to identify depression, and anxiety before it becomes a serious problem and end its host, it must be handled with care. It’s very important to stay elated and be self-satisfied for a healthy self as well as for a healthy society.

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