The Weight Loss Journey of Ram Kapoor: Chubby to Sexy

The Weight Loss Journey of Ram Kapoor: Chubby to Sexy

Losing weight is everyone’s dream. It is quite a struggle to start and keep up with it forever. Everybody wants to be fit and get those hot abs that any girl would fall for. It is a struggle that not only a common man faces; but also top celebrities or influencers have to go through this tragedy. But, during the time of the internet and social media; we are quite in touch with our favorite actors and actresses. When we see that they went through the same thing we did; it gives us immense motivation to follow along and reach the goal no matter what; because our favorite superstar did as well. In the same case, today we will see how the famous TV Shows and Movie Actor Ram Kapoor; transformed himself from a chubby sweet guy to a handsome hunk at this age!

Ram Kapoor

Ram Kapoor

Ram Kapoor is a pretty popular TV face from the early 2000s. Known for his roles in daily soaps like “Kasam Se, and Bade Achche Lagte Hain” among many others; he has always gained love and appreciation for his acting. He recently broke the internet with a weight loss transformation picture; where he shared a photo of him looking absolutely young and fit, as opposed to when he was overweight. He used to weigh somewhere around 130 kilos, and now he has lest everyone speechless by losing 25-30 kilos.

His Words:

He speaks about his fat to fit journey to an entertainment website, “I was 130 kg when I started and I want to lose another 25-30 kgs. I decided that if I wanted to achieve my weight goals, I will have to take time off from work. It would need to be a substantial length of time. 6 months to a year.”

Ram Kapoor After Weight Loss

Ram Kapoor says that he was on a strict 16:8 diet (Intermittent Fasting) and follows it rigorously. Ram Kapoor doesn’t eat anything for 16 hours a day and also; he keeps a strict check on his calorie count. In order to transform from being fat to slim; Ram Kapoor has been doing intermittent fasting, which is a diet regimen that cycles between brief periods of fasting; with either no food or significant calorie reduction, and periods of unrestricted eating. It is promoted to change body composition through loss of fat mass and weight; to improve markers of health that are associated with disease such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Fasting typically entails a steady abstinence of food and beverages, ranging from 12 hours to one month. It may require complete abstinence, or allow a reduced amount of food and beverages.

Intermittent Fasting: The Secret

The first reason that this diet plan is so popular all across the world is that it helps people lose weight; without making many alterations to their diet, but in fact, changing when they choose to eat the food they eat. People can continue to eat normal food, without eating an only low-carb, or only high-protein diet. Diet restrictions are definitely very less in a 16:8 diet when compared with other diets like a keto diet. 

Other benefits of the 16:8 diet plan are that it actually works! Everyone is looking for a sure way to lose weight; the 16:8 diet plan maybe it. According to research by researchers from the University of Illinois; it was found that the 16:8 diet plan may actually be really effective. The study, in fact, also found that the diet may help in reducing blood pressure levels as well; which is a common problem with overweight people.

How you can do it?

 The 16:8 diet plan, aka intermittent fasting, refers to restricting the intake of food, high-calorie beverages; other food items to 8 hours and fasting for the rest of the 16 hours. As per one’s convenience, one can do it daily or once a week. There are other methods of intermittent Fasting as well; which you can easily follow as per your choice and ability (5:2, 16:8 Intermittent Fasting Diet).


  • Before you start this difficult diet routine, make sure that you are fit enough.
  • Pregnant women should evade this fasting.
  • Recognize your edge and do not push yourself too far.
  • If you feel weak or giddy, then it is a symbol that you should stop following this diet.
  • If you are scheduling to start diet, then it doesn’t mean that you stuff yourself the night before.


See? It is not so hard, is it? What are you waiting for now? Choose the best method for you to intermittent fast and start losing pound just the way your favorite actor did? If, he could do it and lose so much why can’t you? Buckle up and Get Sexy!


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