7 Healthy summer recipes that will keep you in shape

7 Healthy summer recipes that will keep you in shape

summer recipes for health

Heading towards the midst of the year there comes an inescapable scorching summer that demands changes in your diet to keep you fit. There comes a super healthy and delicious summer recipes that will keep you in shape and hydrated.

1. Strawberry banana smoothie:

  • This is the perfect way to get summer recipes for breakfast or lunch. This cold drink is made using a delicious blend of fruit yogurt milk almonds. It is a 5-minute fruit smoothie that will boost up the energy in the sluggish summer days.
  • Pour refined quantities of milk and yogurt and take two cups of each banana and strawberries into the blender add one tablespoon of honey to it. Measure a half cup of oats and one-fourth cup of almonds in the blender. Now blend it well, and the strawberry banana smoothie is ready to serve.

2. Morning sunshine smoothie:

  • In the hot summer days, sip sweet, and tangy citrus smoothies that are rich in vitamin C and keep you hydrated.
  • Peel off the tangerines and make a juice of it with grapefruit. Take 2-3 fresh tangerines with juiced grapefruit and 5-6 frozen strawberries. Now add some ice cubes and crushed almonds and it is ready to serve.

3. Black bean and corn salad:

  • It is a crunchy, tangy, and nutritious twist on the traditional corn salad recipe. You can cook corn on the cob by various methods like you can grill the corn or boil it or microwave it. You can use frozen or canned corn to make this recipe great.
  • Black bean and corn salad is a simple process and can be done in a few minutes. Prepare the veggies and combine all the ingredients in a large bowl. Add all dressing ingredients and set a site to give flavors a chance to develop. Now refrigerate for about an hour. Lastly sprinkle the chopped parsley or cilantro leaves and serve fresh.

4. Watermelon coconut mojitos:

  • What can be better than adding summer flavors into one drink, and it comes up with a similar cocktail like that of frozen watermelon coconut mojitos? We just can’t resist taking a sip of this cocktail that is so vibrant hot pink and can’t avoid mentioning it in summer recipes list.
  • The mojito combines mint lime and rum which compliments well with watermelon and the coconut. Makeup purée of watermelon and add coconut and watermelon purée into the cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake for 30 seconds then strain into the glasses. Garnish them with lime slices and serve.

5. Parmesan roasted carrot fries:

  • Carrots are highly nutritious and Parmesan roasted carrot fries are the best way to enjoy carrots. Carrots can easily turn into fries, you need to get some large ones, peel them, and slice them into sticks before frying them.
  • After frying them the roast carrot is ready to serve with salt and pepper and add Parmesan cheese in a huge amount to give a flavor.

6. Vegan rice paper summer rolls:

  • These roles are perfect for on-the-go lunch or dinner or can keep them in lunch boxes and eat whenever you want. Firstly, cook the noodles according to the instructions on the package. Then cut your veggies finely and spiral them with a spiralizer. After that dip your rice papers in a bowl filled with hot water for 15 seconds until it softens.
  • Then put it on a chopper board covered with a wet kitchen towel to prevent it from sticking. Then place the rice noodle and veggies in the center leaving 3 cm on each side of the rice paper. Now roll the rolls starting by folding the parts in front of you over the veggies then see the sights and continue rolling until you have a nice summer road in your hand. Lastly dip in soy sauce or any other social like and enjoy.

7. Broccoli cheddar tots:

  • The plus point of broccoli is that it is loaded with vitamins, minerals, fibers and protein. And this can be advantageous to use it in your summer recipe.
  • Firstly preheat the oven to 400 °F/200 °C and grate the broccoli with the course Chinese grater. Now transfer the grated bits to the medium bowl and add one-fourth teaspoon of salt so that it absorbs all the moisture.
  • Then place the grated broccoli into the bowl with bread crumbs, chives, cheddar, garlic, salt, pepper, and egg, and mix it well until all combined. Bake it for 20 to 24 minutes and serve with your choice of dipping sauce.


Health and fitness are complementary to each other, and it’s always necessary to maintain it. Either it is summer or winter. The food we are opting should be healthy and meets the demand for fitness.

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