Becoming a mother is supposed to be the most beautiful stage in a woman’s life. Not only the women but in men as well. As we know about the preconditioning of the health of both the parents, we can deduce that it helps women not only to prepare them for pregnancy but also force them to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Women need to take good care of them especially during pregnancy. And they can do that by following a healthy and balanced diet and doing regular exercise. And the pregnancy is the biggest part of every women life and here we are going to know the exact to-do list before pregnancy for women. However, these ways could also help them to prepare for it when they are planning to have a baby.

Following are some healthy habits for women:

1. Make a Plan and Take Action

As a woman and to be a mother you have the right to decide whether you want to have the baby or not. It should be your call. Make a pan as per your desire if you want to have the baby or not. And if so then be ready to follow a good diet and live a healthy lifestyle. This was the most important in the to-do list before pregnancy for women

2. Consult Your Doctor

It becomes essential when you are expecting a baby to talk about your body needs. You need to stay in touch with your doctor and tell him every minute detail so that he can assure you of medical preconditioning.. Talk with your doctor about:

•         Medical Conditions-: If you are going through any medical conditions such as sexually transmitted disease (STD), diabetes, thyroid or other chronic diseases then you should discuss it with your doctor and take good care of yourself.

•         Lifestyle & Behavior-: A good lifestyle to a good healthy life and thus to mental peace. The health of your baby solely depends upon your health and how you maintain your lifestyle.

•         Vaccinations -: If you are under any medication then you must make sure you are not missing it. Take a note of the periods in which you need to get vaccinated and make sure you are regular at it. However, if you miss these then it may lead to some severe consequences in your pregnancy. Having the correct vaccinations at the correct time can help keep you healthy.

3. Abstain from Smoking, Drinking and using certain drugs

Habits such as smoking, drinking, and consumption of certain kinds of drugs may lead to serious birth defects in your baby. If you have an unintended or unwanted pregnancy then you may plan well and make a decision that would be good for the baby. To-do list before pregnancy for women also consists of this point because some sort of woman is addicted to those drugs.

4. Avoid Toxic & Hazardous Substances

Exposure to toxic substances and other materials of hazardous nature, at work or at home, such as synthetic chemicals, bug spray, can hurt the reproductive systems of both men and women. You must protect yourself from toxic substances at work and at home.

5. Maintain Healthy Body Weight

The key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight does not involve short-term dietary changes. But a change in lifestyle that includes healthy eating and some regular physical activity. Controlling your weight contributes to good health today and further as you age. Being underweight or overweight, both cause serious health issues.

6. Learn about Your Family History

You need to know about your family history, i.e any disease that may have been there in your family for generations. Your doctor needs to be aware of this as then he may try to avoid similar traits getting into your child. And may advise you as to how you need to take care of yourself and your child.

7. Get Mentally Healthy

Mental Health has a very important role to play in any change in life. And it becomes more important in case of planning a baby. Think of a situation you are planning a baby and you yourself are not happy with your current life. In this case, the baby’s health also suffers. So having control over your emotions and being mentally ready is something you need to care about the most.

When You’re Ready―Plan Your Pregnancy

After having read all the points and you decide to have a baby then you must work on making your body ready for pregnancy. You can do it by following a healthy diet and consulting your doctor. However, if you decide not to have the child then you must read about how to prevent pregnancy. There are several methods of contraception that safe and effective to prevent pregnancy. And here we can also know the before pregnancy measures for men.


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